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MaartenC's News

Posted by MaartenC - January 13th, 2016

As I don't really visit this site anymore, the previous newpost was a bad representation of my account. I'll update this once in a while with new dank ass memes




Posted by MaartenC - July 28th, 2013

Just got back from holiday in Spain. Fun times, but immediately on the first day I happened to strain my ankle very badly (class 3 out of 3, apparently), giving the English-impaired Spanish doctors (it truly was a pain trying to communicate) enough reason to put some of the good, hard white stuff around it. I walked around on crutches for the rest of the week, unable to participate in 'extreme' activities (only hiking). Shit sucked, until I discovered the shitload of books on my cellphone I had almost forgotten, and I must say, reading ~3000 pages in one week is not bad at all.


Posted by MaartenC - July 21st, 2013

I'm off for a vacation for about four weeks. No internet in the meantime, so enjoy yourselves without me

Oh who am I kidding, where would you be without me?!


Posted by MaartenC - January 14th, 2013

EDIT: Oh would you look at that! I just uploaded something neat!

Look what I found!

Also, general discussion newspost. Old newspost was old.

Oh, the humanity!

Posted by MaartenC - October 9th, 2012

That means I'm now 17 years old, bitches. Ironic, since I still act like I'm 4.

Anyway, I'd like to thank all the friends I made in the last year, and I hope you'll stick around some more, since you guys really keep me going (for at least 90%) to Newgrounds.

I couldn't really start handing out cakes, so I'll be handing out another awesome story, especially for you fuckers, namely the continuation of 'CAD vs Chris', as read in this newspost.

I'll be giving a quick recap beforehand, so you don't have to reread all those words (it can be such a bother, right?)

So CAD, our main character, is walking through an underground area, covered with *strange* crystals. At some point, he meets Chris, who apparently, is doing some strange research, which CAD does not approve of. Hilarity ensures, in the form of an epic showdown. CAD fights with his swords, Chris is fucking awesome and fights bare-handed, smacking through everything that meets his fists, and after a while, throwing a knife in CAD's shoulder.
CAD is gonna have to pull something, else he'll lose the battle.


I got up again and slowly walked back. I took advantage of the time he gave me, by removing the knife stuck in my shoulder. Some blood flowed out, so I cut off my left sleeve and used it to bind it together. It would need to be stitched later on, but this would do for now. I was lucky the knife exactly hit between my heart and my old wound. Both situations would not have been pleasant.
'Not going to attack?' I said while cleaning finishing the last tie.
'I was actually curious of what you'd do in this situation. I figured you'd have no experience with first aid.' Chris smiled.
'Good thing I prepare for at least some situations. It can't be compared to your work, but it'll do.' I let out a deep breath.
'Tired yet?'
'You wish. Let's go.'
Chris reached for one of his knives again, so I began circling around him, ready to block anything he'd throw at me. He grabbed three, held them between his fingers and threw them. This time, I could block them and they all ricocheted into different directions. One in the floor, one in one of the machinery's displays, making the glass explode, and one went flying into Lia's container. The material was very sturdy, but still a crack appeared. I saw Chris's eyebrow twitch for a millisecond, and said 'Oh, you don't like that?', smiling with my teeth visible.
'Don't even think about it, CAD.'
'Too late!' I turned around and jumped with my swords raised.
'Don't fucking do it!'
When I came down, the sound echoed throughout the whole cavern. More and more cracks started appearing, and within seconds, the glass broke and all the liquid poured out. Unfortunately the glass wasn't the only thing that broke: one of my blades broke asunder, and the other one had a nasty line across it I didn't like.
But that was of no matter to me, since Lia also came crashing out together with the fluid. I caught her and took a good look at her face. She was still unconscious, pale, and looked very tired, but she was alive.
'Great god, you should stop making me so worried.'
Then I glanced over to Chris and said 'Looks like your scientists weren't able to deliver when they chose the equipment's materials.' Chris did absolutely not look happy.
'You idiot! We weren't finished testing! We don't know what she'll do when she wakes up! What if she becomes unstable?!'
'Well, she hasn't!' At that moment, I heard a small moan, followed by her saying 'Please don't talk about me, like I'm not present here.'
'Lia! Are you... Never mind. It's good to have you back.' I smiled. 'Are you able to stand?'
'I think so.'
'Able to get to cover?'
'Chris is throwing stuff around.'
Only then Lia noticed Chris. And her surroundings. And my wound. 'My god! What's happening here? I-I... CAD, your shoulder!'
'Yeah, that's what I was talking about with "throwing stuff."'
'Are you okay?'
'Look who's talking.'
'I'm not... Damn it, CAD...'
'Why are you here anyway?'
Lia avoided eye contact.
'Lia, I know what you're... capable of. No need to hide the truth.' Her eyes widened.
'It's okay. We're the same, in a way. Unfortunately I can't show you a cool demonstration here, since Chris installed these...' I pointed at the surrounding crystals. '...here. Anyway, tell me later. I gotta deal with him first.' Now Chris said something again. 'And how are you going to do that without your second weapon?'
'I'll figure something out.'
'You really are an idiot. You're lucky she's stable.'
'What do you mean by that?'
'She could easily have gone berserk all over the place. These crystals have never been able to fully absorb her released energy. Last time she got out of the pod, she destroyed the back of the cave.' He pointed to the space behind the mechanisms. Behind the installation, the crystals suddenly stopped, and dark, brown rock was visible. All the rock was smoothened and made a perfect circle within the cavern. It looked really strange, and it couldn't have been dug out. 'What's that?'
'She got a hold of all the mass over there and tried to throw all of that on our heads. She was so out of it, I had to tranquilize her.'
I laughed out loud. 'Not bad, Lia!'
'This is not the time to be jovial, CAD.'
I sighed. 'You're right, Chris, let's finish this.' Chris nodded and assumed his fighting stance.
I rid myself of what was left of my broken blade and grabbed the other one with two hands. I was definitely not used to fighting two handed, but I managed.
Chris was throwing a lot of knives at me, but luckily I could dodge or block everything. I moved the fight slowly, but steadily away from Lia, so she wouldn't be hit by anything I'd let fly into the wrong direction. Chris made good use of me moving back by quickly grabbing any knives lying on the ground, and throwing multiples at once back to me. That ended when I decided we were far enough, thus getting more focused on the incoming knives. I hit most of them away from Chris, preferably making them fly right past me, making it impossible for Chris to reuse anything he'd already thrown. Eventually he'd have to be out of knives, right? How many did he carry anyway?
Chris saw what I was planning, and thus had to come up with something on his own. Apparently, he chose for the offensive. While throwing at a slower pace, to preserve knives, he started moving towards me. He also started to throw his knives with less force, but much more accurate. This was hard to adapt to, but I managed, at least that's what I thought before he suddenly had thrown two knives, one more than expected, from which one hit me in my left abdominal area, pierced the sturdy uniform with ease, and my flesh with even less effort. A sharp pain ran through me, and Lia called my name, slightly panicking. I groaned, and decided that it was time to get offensive again.
I held my sword with two arms, placed it horizontally, with the tip facing my enemy, and charged. The good thing was, that Chris had run out of knives to throw, thus having to respond in another way but to throw a knife in my chest.
He chose to retaliate.
As soon as my blade made contact, Chris stepped back, placed the back of his left hand against the back of my sword, and moved it to his left, making my sword miss, only leaving a small scratch on his uniform.
Now, with my guard completely down, Chris's grand retaliation plan came to a finish with him grabbing the knife stuck in me, and slamming his fist in my stomach, again. I was heading for the ground, but Chris caught me midair.
'Now I think this is it.' He said while playing with the knife in his hand. 'You've done well; I've never seen someone hold out this long against me.'
He brought the knife down, ready do strike at my heart. I couldn't think straight anymore, since quite a lot of blood had already flown out of my last wound, and everything he said was meaningless to me; I couldn't concentrate on anything he said in any way. Then, in the middle of Chris's final attack, a movement in the corner of my eye caught my attention. Lia stood up, and was pointing at Chris's feet.
'Lia, no!' I shouted, but too late. The floor under Chris's feet had already disappeared, and Chris suddenly fell into the gap. Then, she pointed to all directions around her, followed by the sound of breaking glass. She broke all the crystals, and soon after it was raining shards.
'You little bitch. That was not a smart move.' He said, jumped out of the hole, and made a sprint to Lia.
Then, I suddenly remembered something I never used before in my life, but I've seen it work. I never used it, but someone named Einya did. It was a harsh thing to do, but I saw no other option at that moment, plus the newly created situation brought a lot of... possibilities.
I pointed my finger at Chris's back, and Chris suddenly stood still, crashed to the ground and reached for his heart. Lia's eyes grew big when she saw that my arm was still raised, with my finger -in the meantime- pointed at her.
'What did you do...? CAD?'
'I stopped...' I coughed. 'I stopped his heartbeat. You can see it as a heart attack.'
Chris's breath grew heavier and heavier, and his eyes started to roll back.
'No! You can't do this!'
'Why the hell not?! He tried to kill you! I can't forgive that!'
'It's too cruel. Stop it, please.'
I could see the desperation in her eyes, and in Chris's, and even though I absolutely did not like it, I let go of his heart. Chris was then laying on the ground, on his back, grasping for breath. With the ending of our match, I found that I fought enough, and went to take a closer look at the floor.
'Why would you spare him?' I said.
'He's been the only one who was... considerate during the... examinations.'
'I cannot believe that. It appeared as if he was the one in charge here.'
'Chris... he would stop the scientists if I was in pain.'
'That's all you needed to spare someone's life, even if they were after yours?'
She didn't reply to that.
I sighed and said 'Still thanks for saving me.' And proceeded to take care of my wound. By the looks of blood on the floor, I shouldn't be improvising a bandage with another sleeve. I allowed myself one wound reset, and took care of the nasty cut, which missed all organs, making the surgery much easier to perform. When I was done, I sat up and asked Lia whether she was hurt anywhere. She shook her head, so I stood up, ready to leave. A loud coughing followed, but other than that, I managed.
´CAD! Are you okay?'
'I'm fine.' I said, even though standing was hard.
'Here, let me help you.'
'That's alright. Thanks though. But what are we gonna do with Chris?' Chris's face moved when he heard his own name.
'I-I don't know. He's alive, right?'
'In that case, we are leaving right now. Don't worry. He'll live.'
Lia nodded, and we left the same way I came.
I looked back once, and saw that Chris had turned his head, looking straight at me. His eyes were full of hate, absolutely unable to forgive his enemy, making me unsure whether sparing him was a good idea. It probably only fuelled the flames... I'm not sure, next time we'd meet him, whether we'll escape his wrath... if there will be one. I thought after looking back forward. This will
makes things more... complicated for the team though.


So there you go, after a long, long time, I uploaded some written work again. Don't feel obliged to read, unless your first name is Chris. Yes, you. And you.

And of course, pic unrelated.

Oh wow. It's my birthday already.

Posted by MaartenC - August 28th, 2012

EDIT: Good news, everybody! The story from my previous newspost is finished (well, part one). I will not upload it in its entirety, but I might paste some shit here and there in the future. I'm currently working on part two, which will probably be as long as the first, namely 28 pages.

EDIT2: Better news! I got accepted into the Audio Portal! Thanks to Paulwe Thanks mate.

Meaning, I won't be that much anymore. I will still reply to PMs and newsposts -though the latter one is if I feel like it, more or less-

Anyway, I wish you all a pleasant year, without too many difficulties.
And, of course, pic unrelated.

School's started.

Posted by MaartenC - August 15th, 2012

Here's a small example of one my activities this summer. It's a remix from Dj Splash - Don't fall in love (so it's probably a remix of a remix of a remix).

Anyway, I'm back, and able to enjoy at least another week of my holiday, which has been pretty productive: around 60 pages written in my novel (with a small preview added below), two remixes done AND learned a lot of new stuff in FL studio, Played a LOT of Dragon Age: Origins, Fallout: New Vegas, Minecraft, Stronghold: Crusader and the old Hitman collection. Yeah, fun times.

I also got to spend some precious time with the parents, which is pretty rare these days, seeing I mostly spend my time in my room (ironically, I'm writing this from there), so they can't complain either (so can't I, by the way).

Anyway, here's a small part of 'Da test.doc', the part of the story I've put the most work the last few weeks (23 pages in four days!!!!). With 'Da test' you must understand that it's a test (duh), where the main character, CAD and his closest friend are currently serving in the army, and have a chance to get promoted, but first they have to (indeed) be tested. (the friend's name has been changed into Chris, even though the personality does absolutely NOT match the Chris we *all* know, but fuck that). Also, the character 'Woods' is the Major General (superior) from CAD's division.

F.Y.I. Both the guys are 16, and it is normal in the story that children are serving in the army.

Please note that any emphasized text means that the main character has just thought something. If I missed anything, please know that Newgrounds does not support Word's own italic text, thus I had to change everything. Anyway, enjoy!

'And why would I want to be in such a team?'
'Because I know you, soldier. You get bored easily, and since you have the idea that this job is beneath your standards, I recommended you.' Woods was smiling from ear to ear.
I narrowed my eyes and said 'Then why is Chris coming along?'
'He seems to be getting along very well with you, and I wouldn't want him to be losing a dear friend.'
'You truly are a saint, Woods.'
'Plus, I'm finally ridden of your arrogant self for a change.'
'So you're not only concerned about my career. Touching. Anything else? You seem quite confident about my chance of success.'
'Yes. Even though I'm sure you'll survive, I'm sure you don't want anything happening to that friend of yours.'
'Is that a threat?' I frowned.
'Of course it isn't. I'm only giving you information concerning the tests.'
'What tests?'
'Did you really think you'd just be transferred to a team consisting of the best this toddler army has to offer?' Woods let out a laugh.
Figures. I thought. 'Then how will we be tested... and who are we?'
'There are a few others, probably even from different divisions, who will be joining in. You'll all be dropped in a forest, playing a little game called 'Cat and mouse', and last four standing will continue to the next round.' Woods had started walking further, and was making gestures with his hands.
'You're holding some sort of a... tourney?'
'Call it whatever you like. Know that this isn't some scavenging mission. Do realize that the whole forest is your enemy... including the kitties who'll be released.'
'Kitties?' I asked.
'Let's just say that you'll have to keep close mind to who your enemies, your colleagues, and your allies are. That will be all. Dismissed.'
'And how is this all helpful?'
'You have been given much more information than any of the other participants. Be happy with what I just told you. And I said dismissed.'
I grimaced, and left for my room.


The next morning, during breakfast -which I didn't have to prepare that day- the monotone voice of the announcer announced that "Marin, Chris and CAD... CAD should report to Major General Woods immediately." We got up and left, leaving our colleagues' speculations behind us, about why we were called out.
When we arrived at Woods' office, he was already -clearly impatiently- waiting for us. 'Come with me.' Was all we got for a good morning, and Woods guided us to our transport, which consisted of an SUV for each one of us, with two drivers, who were leaning against one of the cars, each smoking a fag. When they saw us approaching with Woods, one of them quickly put out his, and stepped into the other vehicle. The other one looked at us from the corner of his eyes, and kept on smoking.
'Mornin' Milo.' He said, while looking at Woods.
'Wait, your actual name is Milo?' I couldn't resist laughing. 'That... is unlike you. Not that there's anything wrong with Milo... it's a ver...'
'That's Major General Woods for you. You'd better remember that, Artan.' Woods said, with an unusually sharp tone.
'Stop calling people by their last names. It's a nasty habit of yours.' The driver, whose last name I assumed to be Artan, said.
'Just get into the car.' Woods said. 'You know where we need to go.'
'The northern thingy, right?'
'Discretion.' Woods retorted.
'Okay, okay. Ease up a bit. It's not like this is the last time one of your kids will get promoted.'
'Is it actually the first time?' I asked.
The driver raised an eyebrow at my statement. 'Wow, I didn't know they could talk already.' He said to Woods. Then we looked me and said 'Yeah, you're the first ones from this division to get promoted. Do try to impress Milo.'
Woods didn't even bother anymore to correct him, and got into the vehicle. Then, he yelled that we should get the fuck into the van, and closed his door. I looked at the driver and shrugged. He replied to me with the same look I had, and got behind his wheel.

Later on, the two SUVs were driving -as I heard from our discreet chauffeur- to the north, for our next destination. We were driving pretty fast, even recklessly, but sir Artan was handling it all pretty well, except for the occasional look in the back mirror, which was often followed by a displeased sigh, or a flow of curses where the other driver was accused of his -apparent- bad driving skills. Then, we'd often slow down and wait for Chris's car to catch up, and repeat the cycle for hours, accompanied by the cosy snoring Woods filled the van with, that is, until we suddenly stopped moving.
'Heads up, guys. We're at our lovely destination.' Artan said.
Woods woke up in his most charming way, and mumbled that it was about time. Then, he looked at the backseat, where I was sitting, and said 'Are you actually ready?'
'It's a bit late to be asking that, isn't it?' I yawned.
'Better now than never. But even if you are, here's something I want you to have. Consider it a parting gift.' Woods grabbed something from under his seat and handed it to me. It was something wrapped in a dull brown paper, taped together with even duller brown tape. It weighed pretty heavy, and it felt hard.
'What's this?' I asked.
'Wise guy.' Woods said and opened his door. 'Use it wisely.'
'Fair enough. Thanks, I guess.' I stuck it into the backpack I took with me. Then, I went to Artan and thanked him for the ride.
'Call me Roan. And you're welcome.' He said while lighting another cigarette. I nodded and stepped out of the SUV, finally able to fully grasp my surroundings. It looked like we were at the foot of two incredibly steep hills, leaping parallel across the land, separated by a deep gorge, covered with long, thick trees. It was a strange sight to behold, since the trees reached high enough to almost tower above the two hills, making them at least 30 meters tall. I could not see how deep this forest was, but it made me feel that this was the only entrance, and that we were being sent into a natural prison.
'Oh yeah, boy.' Roan Artan said.
'CAD will do for me.' I replied.
'Okay. CAD, you seem like a good guy to me.'
I nodded and kept silent further.
'Woods probably told you about the kitties, right?'
'Yeah, what are those?' I asked. 'Woods didn't want to say anything else about it.'
'I thought so. Listen up, from what I heard...' Roan flung his cigarette away. '...those kitties are, of course, humans, meant to hunt the mice. Guess who they are.'
'Chris and I, huh?' I grimaced.
'And all the other kids who're participating.'
'So we're going to be running about here, and try to live as long as possible?'
'That's what you're supposed to do, yes.'
'How long can this take anyway? And how do you know this?'
'To answer both questions...' Roan started rolling a new fag. '...the time limit is one month, an...'
'One month?' I interrupted him.
'One month. Anyway, don't tell Milo this, but he asked me to further enlighten you.'
'Woods did?'
'Yep. It may not seem like it, but he cares.' Roan grinned.
I paused for a second or two, then asked 'But anyway, how come they make this last up to a whole month? From what I hear, the last four standing doesn't seem like hard thing to achieve for the... hunters.'
'Oh, you'll be surprised. From what I heard, the last test took so long, that a controlled forest fire had to be started to drive all the participants to one place.'
I grimaced. 'Subtle.'
'But you must understand. From all the divisions, the supervisors, or even spies, look at all the soldiers present, and select a few potential candidates. The best, actually. Don't underestimate any of them. They can and will last for several months or more if you leave them here... even with the hunters.'
'Well, thanks for telling. I assume Chris has been told this too?'
'Milo thought it'd be better if you told him.'
'I get the feeling that Woods thinks of me as a translator for some kind of unknown language only Chris and I master.'
'Perhaps... perhaps not. Anyway, good luck.' Roan said, then stepped into the SUV, and drove off. I turned around back to the forest's entrance and saw Chris walking towards me.
'Hey CAD. What takes so long?'
'Been talking to my driver for a while.' I said.
'Ah, okay.' Chris said, and looked at the road, where Roan was already absent from. 'Well, Woods told me to bring you to the entrance. A few others have arrived already too.'
'Sure. I'm eager to see who we're up against.'
'Are you serious?' Chris asked.
'Why not. This is much more fun that a regular gathering trip, right?'
Chris sniffed. 'Watch out what you call fun. I'm not looking forward to it, to be honest.'
'And why is that? Would you rather go back and pick herbs again?'
'Yes.' Chris said, a little too quick for my good.
'Don't judge before you've tried.' I replied at that.
Chris sighed and turned around. 'Follow me, we'll see how it all turns out.'
While we walked, I explained what was going to happen there. Chris said that he had already figured something like that.

The entrance to the forest was basically a 3-meter-high barbed fence and a gate in the middle. When we got there, Woods, as well as a few others, were -indeed- already waiting for us. A few bored-looking, and a few anxious children were either watching us, or checking out the forest. I nodded to one of the guys, who was looking at me from the corner of his eye, which was replied by a similar gesture. I noticed that his uniform differed slightly from Chris's and mine. A few changes in colour were visible, as well as the number printed on the chest.
I turned to Woods, who only said something about my tardiness, but didn't really say that much else about it. Then, he greeted Chris and I, and left.
I stared in the distance of the forest, couldn't see a thing, and thus decided to join the rest with their action to wait for the others to show up. I placed my back against the fence and looked around. Five guys and three girls -including Chris and I- had shown up, all from different divisions--and thus different ages. The youngest-looking one was a small boy, who couldn't be older than 12 or so, but was appearing surprisingly brave, compared to his older competitors. Nobody was actually looking frightened, but the mood was nervous. I wonder whether their Milo has told them what was waiting for them, there in the woods. Heh.
'Ah, there comes another one.' One of the girls said, and indeed, another person was coming, and by the looks of it, another girl... and she was actually waving at one of us. I looked at Chris, grinning, and asked him whether he knew her. This was answered by an elbow in my side, and that with another waving girl in our midst, made it clear who the girl was waving to.
'Oh my god! Are you here too?' The girl at our side said. I'd have guessed her about 14.
'I am! I didn't expect you to be here! I thought we were never going to see each other again!' The other one said. Her age? About a year or two older.
I went to Chris and said 'I love this--how a possible promotion brings us all closer together.'
'I guess.' Was all Chris replied. He wasn't looking as nervous as the younger ones, but still looking tenser than usual.
'Don't worry man. We've got each others' back. This is all gonna work out just fine.'
'You'd better live up to that.' Chris frowned. 'I like living.'
I laughed. 'Yeah, so do I. let's make sure that we can continue our common hobby...'
In the meantime the two friends, who just met each other again, had finished their hugging ritual, and -other than their chatter- everything went back to the apparent original cycle, where everyone was just leaning against- or standing near the fence, looking for new ones to come. When another guy came, we heard footsteps behind us, which belonged to a man dressed in a tight, black uniform with a lot of pockets, belts and knife holders attached to it. He unlocked the gate, which was basically two metal frames attached to the rest of the fence, which could be slid open. They were held together by a large iron chain, and locked by a large padlock. The lock fell on the ground, followed by the chain. We had all turned around in the meantime, looking at the man, who was neatly rolling up the chain between his palm and his elbow, making loops like a machine would. When he was finished, he placed the chain and the lock next to the fence, and grabbed a paper from one of his pockets.
'Yes, welcome boys and girls. I assume you all know why you are here?'
Nobody replied, thus he continued. 'I have here a list of names. Please call out if your name is called.' He scraped his throat and started with his list.
'Division 4, Aosh, Sunaya.' A tall, slender girl with long, black hair raised her hand. Her hair was emphasizing her pale skin, giving her a gloom look, but lively green eyes, and a lovely smile compensated a lot.
'Division 1, Cesten, Kai.' The guy who first greeted me replied with a short 'Yes.' He had short, brown hair, with dark blue eyes. He had a bored look, as if this was simply a daily routine for him.
'Division 6, Cuyer, William.' Someone also raised his hand, and the man in the uniform fastened his pace, reading the names non-stop, while only looking up once to see whether the last called person was actually present. 'Division 5, Enta, Ferry. Division 4, Kouche, Lillith. Division 3, Marin, Chris. Division 2, Nnasaha, Myrthe. Division 8, Pelle, Swain. Division 6, Tirdle, Sophie.' He paused for a second, looked closely at his list, and said 'Division 3, U-unknown, CAD.'
I raised my hand and said 'That... would be me.' Maybe I should have told Xcel to think of a last name. I thought.
'No last name, son?
'Nope. Just CAD will always do.' I said.
'Okay then. That means that everyone is present. Now let me introduce myself. I'm Leonard Fleck. I'll be giving you a brief explanation of the test you're given. You have all been picked because you are either good with weapons, good at sneaking around, know how to patch people up, or whatever. The fact is still, that it's all useless, unless you know how to survive. That's what's being tested here.' He paused for a second. 'In here, you'll be tested for period of a month, whether you're able to survive in a forest like these. Most of you have their barracks located in coastal areas. That is, unfortunately, only a small part of this continent. There are several countries all with different people and cultures, but they have one thing in common: there are a lot of forests like these, so learn to adapt, and make something nice out of it, be it that you actually make a house, travel from tree to tree, or crawl into a hole, I don't care, as long as you survive.'
One of the guys raised his hand. 'So anything's allowed?'
'Yes, though there are a few rules you have to abide by. Number one is that you don't leave the area, unless you want to give up. These two hills you see here... In a few kilometres they join together as one. It's impossible to leave or enter through any place but here. Secondly, if you want to give up, you just walk through the gate here. I'll remain here and I'll open the gate for you if you say so. Beware though, as soon as you step with one foot outside the gate, you have given up, and you'll be sent on a transport back to your old barracks. Thirdly, after one day, some of our men will travel through the forest to make it slightly more difficult to accomplish your mission here, but you'll find out about that later. Fourthly, last four who haven't given up or starved/dehydrated to death -yes that is an option- will win, unless there are more left when the month passes. In that case another week will be added, where different rules will abide, but that's never occurred before. Other than that, do try to remain civil.' Leonard stuck the name list back into a haphazardly chosen pocket, and stepped aside. 'Now please enter. The month starts as soon as you enter the area.'
'Just like that? Aren't we supposed to get some sort of prepa...' one of the guys said.
Before he could finish his sentence, both Kai and one of the older girls dashed into the forest, and disappeared within the minute. The only thing I could see of the girl was her -quite noticeable- red hair. Chris looked at me and shrugged.
'Let's go too... Not so fast though.' I quickly added.
'Sure, if it's just surviving... we're all set, right?' Chris asked.
'Yeah...' I said, looking at the other candidates. Do they know that this probably isn't going to be that easy? Did their Major General tell them about the possible dangers? 'Anyway, we should probably find something like a shelter first. That'll be our largest concern. Then, we can start looking for water and food.' I grabbed my rucksack and gestured Chris to start walking. Behind us, I saw a few younger ones make a group, while a few others, including the black-haired girl, Sunaya, had chosen to venture into the forest by themselves. Within minutes everyone got into the forest, and apart from the loud chatter from the younger group, not a sign of human activity was visible. It was a pretty peaceful sight, within such a thick forest, having a large, green canopy above our heads. The sun was shining through the leaves, leaving an interesting pattern on the ground, which was covered by the many fallen leaves and pinecones, further emphasizing the beauty of nature here. And tomorrow it will all be different.

Pic as usual, unrelated.
EDIT: A new pic for you fuckers.

Aaaaaaand I'm back.

Posted by MaartenC - July 24th, 2012

...without internet.

UPDATE: I'll be at home till Tuesday morning, so until Monday (August 6th) I'm pretty much available for chatter. I made a lot of progress in the meantime, finished three remixes, 20-30 pages of my novel, finished Fallout: New Vegas three times, and finally cleaned up my laptop.

It's good to let loose of internet so once in a while. I haven't had any distractions from certain productive activities, such as my writing. My stream of ideas has been about 70 times faster than usual, meaning I have over 9000 characters (I shit you not; it's about 9100) with ideas, all written on my cellphone. Now to actually use them...

Anyway, for those who are interested, my last two weeks in Turkey were fun. It's been busy, since we pretty much saw the whole country in two weeks, but it was worth it.
It's been a while since we (my dad & I) went on an organized trip, though our guide was extremely competent, so no problems... until I stepped into a sea urchin (or actually a lot). I was together with a girl, walking to an island, where you had to walk through the sea (which was about a meter deep there) for a meter or 20. Little did we know that in every crack in the bottom sea urchins were lurking...

I got 28 needles stuck in my foot, which had to be removed one by one WITH FUCKING NEEDLES. Two Turkish doctors (from which one of them was extremely queer, and with that, I mean extremely) were sticking needles in the soles of my feet, turning, twisting, stabbing all over them, until a pin popped out. One of them was stuck too deep, so after seven tries (seven times stabbing the same wound...) they finally injected some anesthesia, though (of course) that had to be injected in the sole of my foot too.

Luckily, my feet don't hurt anymore, so I can... wait, not that I did anything like walking before. Nvm.

Also, since I'll be gone for another two-three weeks, I won't be on. Please post anything you feel (and with that, I mean people like RAMB0J3SUS, Criminal-23, Cliffracer, Amaranthus, 123mine123 etc.) I should check out, since I'll be missing ALL of the 'recent updates'. I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Now, I wish you all a great summer, and pic, as usual, unrelated.

Onward to the next holiday...

Posted by MaartenC - June 22nd, 2012

Hello everyone reading,

UPDATE: It's finally known where I'll be heading the next three weeks; Turkey. In that way, I'll have a new Continent to add to my list, namely Asia (that is, when we head to Eastern Turkey). I'll upload a new pic, by the way.

UPDATE2: I've been interviewed by TheDark: linky
Gotta say, the dude asks good questions.

This will probably be my newspost for the rest of summer, since holidays, 'n shit. I'm (of course) very happy that all (but one) tests have been completed and I finally get to do what I'm good at: nothing.

I fucking deserved it.

Anyway, since you'll be totally lost without me, I'll leave a little present, namely the continuation and ending of my previous story (and yes, I love to end shit with 'let's go' or 'let's head back').
Again, names have been altered and shit, and I am planning to revise it if it contains flaws. PLEASE POINT THEM OUT!!!
The story's not as long as the previous, about 3-4 A5-sized pages, but if you want to read it, read the previous part.

Also, this part of the story contains small-semi large spoilers, since a kinda important fact is told to Jonah (no, not you, smartass. Are you even on these days?)

Anyway, here's the text:

We walked into the tunnel and Jonah sat me down against a wall. We decided not to head in too far, since I was wounded and had to remain as still as possible. My shoulder was hurt pretty bad and I had difficulties moving it, but other than that, I was fine. Although Jonah was looking kinda worried, he found that just a bandage would do. Now that everything calmed down, I realized it hurt a lot, and even though it hurt, I was content. I was able to defeat a tough adversary without resorting to my power. I did have help, but I felt happy.
A thought entered my mind, about what I would have done if the fight had continued for any longer without Jonah interrupting, but I quickly dismissed it. I survived and that's what mattered.

'Why are you smiling, idiot?'
'What do you think? I tota... we totally won, man!' Jonah stared straight at me. 'CAD, I killed someone.'
I frowned. 'It's part of the job, Jonah. You did what you had to do, not to take a life, but save mine.'
Jonah's expression loosened a bit, but it was still stiff. I guess the adrenaline's effects had lessened already.
'I still can't quite understand how you could remain so calm during such a fight, I mean to the death. You didn't even look scared one bit when you were fighting Viktor, not even when you were laying on the floor. I... how?'
I closed my eyes too long to make a blink. It was perhaps time that Jonah knew. I said 'Jonah, I've been in these kind of fights longer. I've killed before too, and a lot. I've seen many battlefields before this, and I know what it's like to have your life flash before you, that's why I didn't freeze up.'
Jonah didn't say anything after that, and a long silence fell.
'I might tell you more later,' I said to break the silence. 'but now I really want to sleep for a while. I'm dead tired.' Jonah nodded. 'Please wake me up when the fire's out. I really long for my bed right now.'
I was already starting to feel dizzy, because I probably lost quite a lot of blood already.
Jonah sniffed and wished me a good sleep. He told me he was going to guard the tunnel.

When I woke up, daylight was already filling up our shelter. Jonah was, sitting with his back faced towards me, a few meters away from me, looking at the exit. When I got up, I realized my shoulder hadn't healed as well as I had hoped, but at least my arm could move again.
'The fire's out, by the way.' Jonah said. 'Excellent news! Shall we head back then?' Jonah nodded. I had just picked up my swords, when Jonah said 'Wait.'
I sat down again and looked at him. 'Yes?' I did some thinking, about yesterday.' He paused. 'I did not really expect it, and looking back, I shouldn't really be surprised. I mean, your first mission was already flawlessly completed...' I immediately burst out in laughing.
'Oh, god. I didn't do shit there, Jonah. I observed and noted down, other than that I just excelled in running. This is the first time for me in practically ages I've fought like this.'
Jonah looked up and clicked his tongue. 'You know? What I wanted to say was, that I am indeed shocked by what you told me, but you've been helping me... accept my situation and my life here. Even though you may have done some bad shit in the past, I know that who you are presently is cool.'
'Glad to hear that. Now let's head back. I'd like to have
my arm looked at.'


Enjoy your summer!
And of course, how did you like it?

Pic unrelated.

Summer Holiday and a new part of the story

Posted by MaartenC - June 8th, 2012

EDIT: Yay, level 15.
EDIT2: Yay, silver whistle!

Hello everyone reading this,

I've made another story, of which I'm quite content. I've been experimenting with describing fights, as read in my previous story-newspost, and I think this one worked out pretty well.

The story is about a mission the main character and his close(st) friend will have to complete. All names have been altered to prevent possible spoilers, except for 'Viktor', since he'll only have a role in this part of the story.

Chris is the team's leader, Jonah is the friend, CAD is the main character. The story has been revised once, and I don't think I'll be revising it further, because no patience.

'You're going to assassinate the leader of a rebellious tribe, located in one of the thick forests in the surrounding area.' Chris had called Jonah and I to his office for a mission briefing. 'One of their scouts has... discovered out lovely fence, and actually managed to get back to his base alive.' Oh yeah, the damn thing's got electricity running through it I thought.
'Of course, we heightened the amount of voltage, in order to prevent such tedious trifles.' Jonah and I looked at each other and shrugged. 'Now that scout's leader, being the good leader he is, is willing to get revenge on the people who managed to humiliate one of his men so much. Very commendable, but also very stupid.'
'Will killing him be enough to stop a potential attack?' Jonah asked.
'I'm quite sure it will. If we're lucky, they will even disband after losing their boss.'
'Okay then, where are we going and who's our target exactly?' I asked.
'You'll be going north-east of here, forty-two kilometres, to be precise. Your target goes by the name "Victor the Slaughterer". I know, I laughed at it too, the first time I heard the man's name. Don't underestimate him though. He hasn't gotten that nickname for nothing. He's a big guy, about two metres tall, impressive beard and all, fights with battleaxes. Watch out for those, by the way. Detached limbs or heads are pretty tough to reattach.'
'How difficult will it to get in?´
´That depends. I'm sure you'll come up with a brilliant strategy.'
'Yes...?' 'That's all the advice we're getting then?' Jonah asked.
'Indeed. You two need to be tested somehow. I will give you this: please keep any... expertises in mind when you decide to strike. You have one week to complete your mission. Good luck.'

We decided to head out immediately to the destined location. The encampment was cleverly hidden in a thick patch of trees. Any building was camouflaged, and everyone was keeping as silent as possible. 'We gotta keep quiet here. These guys will even notice a pinecone dropping here.' I whispered. 'What's the plan?' 'You are going to make a fine camp first, while I'll be mapping the surrounding area. Make a place to sleep, preferably rainproof and get us something we can eat raw. I'll be back at let's say... dusk, okay?' 'Fair enough. See you soon.'

I left and proceeded to circle around the camp. I first sorted out the differences in height, with a hill on the northern side reaching at least two meters above the camp. Secondly, I drew the wall, well... palisade, and then climbed into a tree and made a rough sketch of the buildings.
I saw a few woodcutters dumping logs at a fletcher's workshop, a tunnel leading to either a mine, a smithy, or both. I heard a muffled cling coming out of it, but I saw no smoke escaping anywhere, so I had my doubts about the exact use of the tunnel. The last building present looked like some sort of mustering or town hall, with someone who very well matched our description of sir "Slaughterer". He was sitting in front of the building, talking to one of the warriors. I thought about killing him on the spot, but before I could make up my mind, he stood up and walked inside.
The last thing I did before heading back to Jonah, was count the number of men present, or those I could see. I could make up at least fifty persons, with all different tasks. It all seemed like a village.

Jonah had gathered a few berries that looked edible (at least he said so: Jonah had tasted some before picking them), and there was also a boar lying on the ground. 'Are we gonna eat that... raw?' I asked. 'No need.' Jonah grinned and showed me a small, jute bag. He opened it and a pile of coals was visible within. 'We can build a fire that barely gives off smoke with this. Chris gave them to me once.' 'Nice.'

After heating the coals and making sure that no smoke was visible, we started digging in. We started with the boar and decided that the berries would serve as dessert. It was in no way as good as Pyle's cooking, but it still tasted good. 'Not bad, Jonah. How'd you find this?' 'Well, I had just gathered all of the berries, when this little guy came walking by. He didn't appear to be very friendly, since he came charging at me as soon as he saw me, so I killed him. Then I remembered that the coals were still in my bag, so I figured I'd put them to good use.'
'Pure luck, nothing more huh?'
'Hey! I beat him myself!'
'I wouldn't be surprised if he ran into a tree, knocking himself unconscious, with you finishing him off then.' Jonah let out a laugh. 'Well, what useful work have you done then?' I showed him the map I drew. He whistled. 'Nice work, pretty detailed too. Have you seen anything inside the base?'
I told about the people, the buildings, and of course that Viktor was indeed present.
'In that case, we'll strike tomorrow.' Jonah said.
'How about tonight?'
'You heard me, tonight.'
'Why not.'
He sighed. 'There's no way I'm gonna win this argument, huh?'
'You got that right. Besides, attacking at night has its advantages.'
'Fine. What are you planning to do?'
'I have brought some fine explosives. You are going to plant them at tactical locations, while I'll be making good use of the commotion it causes and I'll get to Viktor in no-time!' Jonah looked at the map I was furiously pointing at, and back to me.
'Wow. Just wow.'
'Nothing. It's genius.'
'Have you found a flaw? In that case, please do tell. I know it's only our lives on the line here, but it doesn't hurt to tell.'
'Don't you think they'll figure out in like... ten seconds that it's but a distraction? You said they were quite... alert concerning their surroundings.'
'Oh please, I've survived an attacks from entire armies. This won't be a challenge.' (no exaggeration there)
'Fine. I'll go with your plan, but you'd better deliver. Where would you like the explosives planted?'

I pointed at several places in the wall, which -with a bit of luck- would make the palisade collapse in one go, plus damage any close buildings. Jonah nodded and took the map with him.
'You may decide when you want to detonate them. I'll be ready any moment. Also, if they come after you... run.'
'You don't need to tell me that twice, though you'd better watch out too.'
'Of course. See you later.'

I walked off, still hearing Jonah mutter 'This is never gonna work. He's insane.'
I went to the hill on the north side of the camp and waited there. Even if the wall didn't collapse, I'd still be able to get inside. All sources of light were out, except a faint light coming from the mustering hall. Even the clinging sound from the tunnel had stopped, meaning that everyone was gathered in one place. Good.

I placed my bag on the ground and grabbed my swords out of them. Their scabbards were reflecting the faint light, giving them an appealing look. I slowly slid one out of its container, which made that oh-so-familiar sound. It was a sensation for my ears, not having it heard in such a long time. I couldn't enjoy it for too long though, since a huge bang knocked me back into the real world. In a millisecond, the sky lit up brightly, and wood splinters were flying around my ears. I saw people running out of the hall, yelling orders and drawing weapons. I jumped down and sneaked to the back of the hall. The building was built about one meter from the wall, which was still intact, so it was easy for me to find a window in the back. It was just above the wall, making it a pretty tactic place to shoot from, though now it was used as an advantage for the enemy.
I climbed up and got in within ten seconds.
I looked around me and saw that I was standing in a bedroom. Since there was only one bed placed inside, I supposed it was Viktor's. Nobody was there, so I opened a door, leading to a corridor. It had no further doors, and led to a stairway, which I took downstairs. There was someone standing directly under the stairs, so I took him out with a blow from my sheath. He fell to the floor with a slight moan.
I went further, checking every room for my target. I found nothing but empty, uninteresting rooms, but a the single last room, I heard two voices talk.
'Chief, we've found the attacker, though we haven't been able to catch him yet. Apparently, he's using a strange weapon. None of the men has seen it before. Most of them have injuries on their limbs, but none serious.' Heh, Jonah's still too soft, though he is fighting back here.
'It appears they have decided to strike first then.' A much lower voice said. 'You go help the others, Edward. I'll come later.'
A moment later, the door opened and a man stepped outside. I quickly went into one of the empty rooms, and when I didn't hear his footsteps, I went to the room from where I heard the voices. When I stepped in, I saw a surprisingly large, bearded man sitting in a chair. He looked up to me and said nothing. 'Viktor the Slaughter, I presume?' 'I never liked that nickname, though I am indeed the one you're looking for. I suppose I was right with who was striking first, eh?' 'I guess. Are you aware of why I'm here?' He stood up and raised his voice. 'You come here in the middle of the night, you destroy my home, and injured my men. I can't just let that slip. I don't care why you're here, you are going to pay with your life.' I nodded. 'It's why I'm here for, actually. It's business. Nothing personal.' Viktor grabbed a battleaxe and a buckler laying beside him. I grabbed my swords. 'It's sad to see that such young people are holding swords already.' 'I'm not as young as you'd think, sir.' Viktor sniffed. 'At least you've been thaught your manners.' And without further warning he attacked.

Viktor was surprisingly fast. He actually threw his buckler at the beginning of the battle at my head. I blocked it with the scabbards of both my swords, but he saw the opening already and charged. The main raised his weapon and immediately threw it down. I tried blocking, but he threw me to the wall with ease. It appeared I had to rely on my speed in this fight.

Viktor raised his weapon on his left side, willing to make a backhand attack. I saw it and ducked. I heard wood cracking behind me and saw that he smacked straight through the wood, leaving a hole in the wall. I quickly acted and dashed to his left side, unsheathed one of my swords and slashed at his side. He quickly jumped back, making me only leave a small cut.
'You're surprisingly nimble for such a big guy.' Viktor only grunted and made another attack.
He grabbed his weapon with both hands and brought it down. I rolled to my right and stood up quickly. It appeared that I didn't need to dodge, since the attack was a feint. He only reached for his shield and ran at me again.
With his shield back, it was a lot harder for me to hit. His left side was now pretty much impenetrable, and he was dodging attacks like crazy. I couldn't really do anything else than to resort on pushing him back, or attacking his other limbs.
Though after a while of just slashing and bashing at each other, I managed to leave a nasty wound on him. He had just brought his axe down again, and I slashed at him with my right sword, making him block with his shield. Now that both of his arms were busy, I immediately stabbed with my left sword. It went in around his lower left ribs, after which he kicked me away. By the amount of blood visible at the tip, the sword must have gone in at least a centimetre or five. Content I continued the attack, to be punished by a smack on the left shoulder with his axe. This attack did definitely hit, and hard. I felt the axe reach my bone before falling to the right. Unable to lift my arm anymore, I continued fighting. I dropped my left sword and charged at him. I dodged the incoming attack and stabbed his right arm around the wrist. It went perfectly between his cubit and radius, though it wasn't enough to encourage him to drop his weapon. I jumped, placed my feet on his stomach, and let myself fly backwards. After I felt contact with the ground, I rolled back and stood up again.

Viktor was bleeding pretty much everywhere, but he was still standing. I, on the other hand, had only a few minor wounds, but couldn't use my left arm anymore. I decided to end it with a last attack, dashing at him zigzagging to confuse him. It worked, since his attack missed me by a hair, leaving his right side completely open. I jumped in immediately, and stabbed him upwards from the side up, hoping to pierce at least several organs, and possibly his lung. It worked, since he was coughing up blood. He dropped his shield, but he regained his senses after that pretty quickly. He grabbed my at my neck and threw me across the room. I dropped my sword in the process, leaving me completely unarmed.
Viktor grinned and said 'At least you're coming with me.' He raised his axe. I was preparing to roll away, but as soon as I thought he was going to strike, I heard three bangs. Victor proceeded to turn around, but didn't make it. He crashed to the ground and died on the spot.
'There, there. This wasn't going to be a challenge right, Mr. I-survived-army-attacks?' Jonah appeared behind Viktor, smiling at my bloody mess.
'Oh please, you wouldn't have lasted a second fighting this guy. Still, thanks for saving me, Jonah.'
'Yeah, it isn't over yet. You see, there are still pissed off guys outside looking for me, well us, and I may have caused a small forest fire with your explosives.'
'My god. That's just great.'
I got up, sheathed my swords and started walking outside.
'Can you really walk?'
'I'm fine, but I'm not really able to fight at a hundred percent right now. I suggest we take the backdoor. They have one, right?'
'I don't think so. Any ideas?'
Then I realized that there was still a certain tunnel where we could hide.
'How about we try that...' I pointed to the tunnel '...over there.'
'Are you sure?'
'We don't have any alternatives.' I said and looked around. The whole forest around us was ablaze. The starry sky wasn't visible anymore, because there was too much smoke, and the few people left around us were too busy running around to notice us.
'We can at least hide from the fire there, let's go.'


I hope you enjoyed, please tell me what you thought about it!
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A new story.