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Scale of the Universe 2 Scale of the Universe 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This gave me such an epic feeling...

I immediately clicked on "Scale of the Universe 2" when I saw it on 'Today's best'. I enjoyed part one very much, so this one couldn't disappoint.

It didn't.

As I did with part one, I first went to the smallest size, and noticed that there's info when you click on stuff(!). I loved that, I haven't read everything, but I will.

As for art: 9/10.
It looks amazing, the measurements are listed, the pictures are good and the quality is high. Truly amazing.

Music: 10/10.
Normally with games/gadgets I mute music after a while, but this music fitted perfectly. It sent me into a dreaming state and quite helped to inspire me to write this review, well chosen and well made by MacLeod.

Concept: 10/10
Awesome. Just awesome. As said before, the information was a great add and pretty... informative and also the occasional humor was indeed funny.

The only thing that bothered me for a while was the scrolling speed. For me at first it was too slow, but that really doesn't matter if you're planning on reading it all, luckily. Also, the fact that you can scroll with your mouse was pleasant.

Anyway, this game was instantly faved, voted 5 and voted 10/10. It isn't really something I do often, so congratulations.
Now excuse me, I'm going to read a bit further and be a smartass tomorrow at school.

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Never Ending Level Game Never Ending Level Game

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Currently at level 80...

And I love (I love this game) and hate it. So much. It's great to play this as a minigame, when I started to play this game I was awake for about 5 minutes and this snapped me out of my last sleepyness, I had to actually THINK to advance in this game.

Art: 6/10
Nothing special, it sufficed. I guess if you did put a lot of graphics into this, the file size would be insane, just as the time you put into this. Therefore I won't count this in my final score: it was inevitable.

Music: 8/10
Reading the review below me, the music mentioned in the Author & File Information, the song "Symphony of the Demon" will be used in the game, I'm looking forward to it. It's a very, very nice song.

Concept: 10/10
Love it. It's annoying, challenging and fun at the same time. I'll be trying to finish this game, which is a pretty rare thing for me. (I often quite with other things halfway through :\ ).

Great job, you get a 9/10 and so a 5/5 from me.

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Feed Mr. Peterson Feed Mr. Peterson

Rated 3 / 5 stars


I clicked on random flash and certainly wasn't expecting this... It didn't disappoint though.

I've always been pretty bad in this kind of game, apparently it's called 'collapse' and it's pretty fun to play if you have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do. You've managed to create some originality, so this is worth reviewing, in m opinion.

Art: 8/10
Cute. The game looks like it can be played on a cell phone and I'd probably play it, if there's absolutely nothing to do.

Music: 3/10
My god, I'm sorry to say this, but it wasn't... fun to listen to. As mentioned below, this music belongs in an elevator. It's better to use music that fits the theme, but doesn't sound like lukewarm urine flowing out of my speakers (sorry for the reference, but I can get pretty picky when it comes to music).

But seriously, think about this: if you played totally different kinds of genres on this game, it could fit. This is a pretty flexible concept, which brings me to:

Concept: 7/10
It's nice of you to think of your cat that way, cats can be awesome, I know. Also, the author comments "Not "for" in the sense that I expect him to play it, but rather[...]" I was actually thinking of you two playing this when I played my first round.

Anyway, I think it's pretty unoriginal to come up with 'collapse', but you've given it a nice twist, also with combo-food 'n such.

Overall I'd give you excactly a 6/10 and a 3/5.
Good job.

Age of Shurikens Age of Shurikens

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Having played Maplestory for a long time...

...I saw so many similarities. It's not bad, I enjoyed the time playing Maplestory very much, but that's not what I'm reviewing here.

Art: 7/10
It was okay, the characters were drawn well, but nothing actually managed to amaze me. The game was a big laggy, but the animations were fluid, so no problems at that.

Also, good that you can edit so much different video settings, you don't see that THAT often at flash games.

Music: 6/10
Meh, it fitted but for some reason it annoyed me pretty much, so after three minutes of playing I muted everything.

Concept: 7/10
Unoriginal, but it's fine, I enjoyed what I've played till now (I've only explored the first village) and just like Maplestory did, it will keep me occupied for a good time, but I will get gored of it pretty quick, since the concept is already very familiar with me (I get bored extremely quick when it comes to games).

Also, congratulations on hitting 5th place, it's deserved.

Overall score: ~7/10 and 4/5. Good job, keep it up!

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DaftPunk Technologic SB DaftPunk Technologic SB

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Really great, found one bug/glitch though.

I like this one a lot man, personally being an appreciator of Daft Punk and their songs (this one pretty much too) thank you for this flash game.

Art: 8/10
Simple, to the point and a very fitting background, the only this that CAN be improved are all the buttons, they can be more than just blue squares with letters in them (look at how the 'buttons' of Newgrounds are, the aren't just orange squares, right?)

Music: 10/10
I'm not giving this a 10/10 because I like the song so much, but because the effort you put into this. All the editing must have been a shitload of work to cut out all of the small lines of text. Great job. Also, the instrumental version is very addicting to listen :P

Concept: 9/10
It's very original, I'll give you that. With a bit of fast clickwork you can actually make and edit the song yourself (haven't tried that, can't click THAT fast :P).

Also, now the bug/glitch. If you start the music and then click on start the music again, two songs are playing at the same time. It's nothing big, but perhaps you can improve that.

Overall, great job done here, this is going into my faves!
9/10 and 5/5, keep it up!

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Save the Paintings Save the Paintings

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Me, myself being an appreciator of classical music, as long as it's in a background have found this game, combined with the main aspect, the paintings very interesting.

Art: 9/10
Well, it's still somebody else's art, but the simplicity you've implanted in the painting itself was a very good difference, which gave the game a good balance.

Also, the backgrounds were really good, just the 'thumbnails' of the paintings were a little too pixalated. If you've just reduced the size of those, it will lead to this kind of pixalated stuff. What I mostly do when I have such a problem, is just to find an auto-thumbnailed pic in google pictures gallery if you search.

Music: 10/10
Perfect find, also good to have a player to select between songs, 'nuff said.

Concept/game: 7/10
It's a very intriguing concept, paint the lost paintings. Let me just say beforehand, I loved the intro. The use of 'the screamer' was just perfect and the 'Image not found' was a great twist, very... witty.

Now, I haven't finished the game yet, but I've played up till 'The Starry Night' and I do notice that everything gets more dificult as you progress further in the gallery, good feat.

Overall, it's a great game, but I'm afraid it won't keep my busy for that much of a long time, but the concept is very original and it is/was very relaxing to play!

Score: 8,7 which will be a 9/10 and a 5/5.
Good job and congrats with your 2nd place!

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The Staring Contest The Staring Contest

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not bad, but neeeeaaarly not finished.

I like the concept, a lot. You know: stare at the screen and smash the button in a rage while yelling "YOU BLINKED!" (dramatization).

Art: 3/10
MS paint? Not bad though, it's simple, but seeing it's not finished...

Sound: *
None, it would be a great add, you can browse the audio portal and look for optimal music.

Concept: 7/10
I like the concept, I really do. As previous stated, it kept my attention (for how long the game lasted) and for about 20 seconds I had fun.

Overall, I think for part two (reading the author comments there will be a part two) you might wanna add:

-Difficulty (if you press the 'win' button while the stickguy didn't blink, you fail)
-Different levels
-Slightly more effort in your art

Overall I can't give you more than a '5', but I know you will make be a better version of this game sooner or later and I hope you'll send me a PM then with the link.

Keep it up!

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Gyossait Gyossait

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I've come to beat the first 'boss' and...

I love it. I love it so much.

The game is simple, yet so beautiful. It reminded me a bit of Chrono Trigger, one of my favorite games.

The controls are a bit hard to master at first, but then seem totally perfect with how the game is. The game looks awesome and the lines of text hit me right in the heart man.

Art: 10/10
Perfect in it's own simplicity. I love how the character looks and even though it's horribly pixalated (which I love, actually) you can see the character animations come to their rights perfectly.

Controls: 7/10
It's fine, hard to get used to, but then it works. 'Nuff said.

Also, I don't get how people nag about that there's no instructions, the controls are explained during the game.

Gameplay: 8/10
It's really good that you can switch from defence to offence. I like how you can (SPOILER?) 'change' that at will and how the lines of text respond to that saying that 'you' shouldn't be part of the destruction.

Story: 9/10
From what I've played till now it's very, VERY promising. I wanna beat this game and find out, seriously you've piqued my intrest so much.

Really congratulations about hitting front page. You deserve it. This game is definatly going into my faves!

Overall score: (about) 9/10, 5/5 Keep it up!

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Moonlight Difference Moonlight Difference

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Just finished easy mode...

... And damn, I was impressed. I usually don't like, actually I detest difference games, but something did manage to hold and keep my attention.
The longer I played, the more I started to like it.

Art: 9/10
Almost blew me out of my chair. Sometimes the emotions did seem a little... odd, maybe you can experiment a bit more with that. Anyway: the trees, the water, everything was drawn with such a great detail!

Music: 10/10 Fitted perfectly, great job on that SoS, I must check out some more of you.

Game: 10/10
This is what impressed me the most: You made the mouse and the circle-system work perfectly. The annoying thing with most of difference games is that if you don't click on the excact correct location, you're plain wrong. With this one you can still click miss (thank god), but still keep the difficulty. Great job, seriously.

Overall I'd say a fair 10/10, you deserve it, congrats with your awards!

10/10 5/5.

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The Scale of the Universe The Scale of the Universe

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really fun, great controls too!

This one of those thing smartasses like me will remember for a lifetime. The distances (yocto, nano, micro, pico!) were also a great add.

Now, the art was a 10/10.
It was great, very greatly done. I liked everything simple, yet elobrate (spelling?).

Music: 9/10
Not really my kind of music, but it fitted great with the flash, so I'll let it slip.

Mechanics/controls: 10/10
Now this is where the flash is about. The controls were mouse or arrow keys. Both were very good, mouse for fast scrolling through and arrow keys for looking at everything and... Enjoy.

You have done a very, very professional job with this, I congrat you with the awards.

This was perfect in every way: The art was perfectly chosen, the music too, tho I don't like it very much, it didn't matter: there is a very handy button on my computer which allows me to turn the volume down.

Big up to you, keep 'em coming!
5/5 - 10/10

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