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Enjoy The Sound Enjoy The Sound

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I really like how you built up everything. It really adds something to the tune. I would have done a few things differently. At the first time a metaphoric gear is shifted (1:33), I would have 'shifted gears' at about 1:27 with a smack of a drum (or something) and then let the bass, drums and other instruments roll in.

I also found it a tad disappointing that the instrument in the second gear (it sounds awesome, do note that) had the exact same melody as the violin in the beginning. I would have appreciated some more diversity.

The main melody sounds a bit odd at first, but I got used to it after a minute or so, sounded great after that. Also kudos on the kick drums. They sound great together with the background and the rest of the drum kit.

I'm still doubting whether I'm gonna download this, but it sounds like you're improving yet again. The last minute sounds fucking great as well, so good job.

Keep it up!

ForeverBound responds:

Thanks man and download it, u won't reget it ;)

Eternity Eternity

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's pretty good.

120bpm isn't much picked these days, except by most ambient artists, which is actually the genre I'd put this in, to be honest.
Then, I like the synths and background here, especially the background. It reminds me of my favorite ambient artist, Solar Fields. They also use similar effects and instruments.

I would change the lengths and starts of a lot of tones though, since your synth and your background don't seem in sync, or at least out of rhythm.

I have nothing against the flow of the audio. On the contrary, I actually love it. You use the kind of builds and drops that I like to hear in ambient. Well done at that.

Overall, I'd say a 6/10 (due to the chaotic sound) for the first half and a 8/10 for the second half.

You don't want to change any of the instruments, but I want you to take a good look at the timing of everything. It's hard to place it right, but with a good sense of music (if you can call it that), you can make it happen.

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AppleJack responds:

I was having trouble choosing the genre for this, but now looking at your review, i guess it is ambient.

I also felt the timing through out the piece was a bit off, and i really didnt know what to do. Electronic music really does demand that every single beat and sound HAS to be in place, or else the piece would be screwed over, even a little bit, like in this piece.

I really enjoyed the synths in this piece as well, and i am hoping for the usage of them in the (possible) future compositions.

I guess i have to work on positioning the synths and notes better. this review is REALLY appreciated. Thank you so much for your time!

CrS - Dark Blizzard CrS - Dark Blizzard

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I sure hope the build-up is a lot slower in the full version.

Ambient is not something I have heard from you ever before, and this tune proved that you can do a lot of interesting things with both Ambient and DnB.
I'm more experienced in listening to this genre, thus my review will go deep.

Everything started pretty normal for an Ambient song, though I found that after the first minute already that the song was building up way, way too fast and too steadily.
What I mean, is that you kept adding instrument after instrument in such a steady rhythm that everything risks to get boring.

I did like to hear that you've added a point of attention I wrote in a few reviews before this one (months back) that your audios now contain various melodies and patterns, all making the song more 'whole'

Then I would like to go into the whole 2:57-thing. The tempo was going slower, without me noticing (good job, I like being 'fooled' when it comes to music), then the laughter... then the sudden generic 'climax-drums'. I thought "Oh god, please no. Why would you do thi- Wait. This is... not bad...?"
It seriously isn't bad, but it doesn't fit. It doesn't fit at all.

I would like to say that most instruments were chosen well, though I'd like you to take a look at all of the instruments to see whether you truly want them in the full version.

What I suggest, if you're going to plan adding the DnB part, build up. Build up very, very slowly. Almost every point in my review comes to that.
What I also would like to see, if you're going to build up, is not to do it in a steady line, but make the tempo (not the bpm, more like the energy) go up and down, like the 'one step back, two steps forward'-principle.

Anyway, I hope to see it finished soon, I have high expectations.
3/5; 6/10

Also, listen to 'Solar fields - New Eden', 'Solar fields - Cruise' and 'Entheogenic - Love letters to the soul'. The first two are examples of very energetic ambient, the last one is an example of a perfect (imo) build up.

Beware though, the last song is 27 minutes long.

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Chrausner responds:

Thanks for the review.

I'm foreign to Ambient, thus I don't know how it's actually done. I haven't really listened to many ambient tracks. I'll come back to this after I understand what ambient is about.

The D&B part is half-assed because the lags started kicking in, thus making me unwilling to focus on the build.

- CrS -

Advanced Advanced

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's good, though you are falling into slight repetitiveness.

It's interesting, since I can immediately hear whether you made a song by the intro, namely the fx you use when you 'go a gear higher' with a song and by the drums you use. The latter one is what made me think your songs do get quite repetitive, since you mostly use the same drum lines.

The lines you use are for mostly progressive trance, which is indeed what you make, though I would like to see some more depth, as well as a little less emphasize on the claps in the lines. Otherwise, I am satisfied.

-Things I liked-

- I am impressed with the first two instrument used, which blend together flawlessly.
- The flow of the song is good
- The 1:16 part adds variation to the song.
- Rest of the instruments are good.

-Things I did not like-

- Repetitive drums
- Repeatedly 'shifting gears' by using the same effects, which can be solved by downloading new fx packs
- Song got slightly boring after 2:30 for me. Try thinking of a few new melodies/patterns in one song.

I like it though I think you should spend a bit more time on one song. Don't be satisfied with anything until it is absolutely perfect. You're doing great, keep it up!

ForeverBound responds:

Okay thanks for your critism. And I'm trying my best mate ;)

C23 - Avination II C23 - Avination II

Rated 4 / 5 stars

My, my. You are strict towards your fans... Here I thought I could take my time reviewing...
Anyway, it did take me long enough to write the review, so here ya go:

The song starts with a smooth, easy-to-listen-to intro, which makes the whole song a lot smoother too. I liked that I could hear it come back during almost the entire song. Good job at that.

Then the familiar NLC (HA!) drums kicked in, followed by a nice choir(?) and finally by a sudden transition, opening the mid-part.
Now I didn't really like how the choir suddenly popped up, and the fact that it didn't really blend in that well with the rest of the song. I admit: it sounds great, but I think you should have lowered the volume of it a bit, and added another instrument at the same time. It'd make the song a lot 'richer', without sounding awkward.

What I also did like about the intro was the transition. Now I am a huge fan of smooth transitions, but things like this, namely the other way around (0:55-ish) is also something I can appreciate. A lot.
Hearing it made me want to play a game which would feature this music. I'm seeing something Sonic-ish (sorry, I know you don't like Sonic), with the controllable character suddenly fastening the pace, running into the giant world before them.


After that, the song really gets going, and you even added a secondary melody, also something you score a lot of points with. With me, that is, and to make it even better you even throw a few others in, too. Good. Real good.

I also want to mention the bass: It sounds different than your usual 'deep' bass, but in no way worse. It sounds 'harder', as I explained to you before, but still pretty warm. You mastered it well, young one.

Then the song proceeds smoothly, without any real good or bad sides, which is a shame, since I expected (and you really need to start doing this, IMO) a climax at 3:05, and after that, the song pretty much dies out. It really makes listening to the second half a lot more difficult.

While I am impressed by the sheer quality you uploaded, I do want you to improve more and more.

So recapitulating:

-Good shit-
- Bass
- Intro
- Choir throughout the song
- Drums
- Bass!
- Mastering
- Instruments used.

-Bad shit-
- Choir in intro
- End
- Climax (or the lack of it)

I would like to say that you did a very good job, and that this will go into my faves... though you aren't ready for my precious download here... yet.

4/5; 8.3/10
Good job; keep it up!

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Chrausner responds:

Although I agree with the Choir flaw, you seriously need to stop listening to climax songs and compare their structure to mine. The reason why you expect 'climax, climax, climax,' is because you listen to TOO much of that shit. I'm not fucking Infected Mushroom.

Sorry, but climaxes will not happen in my songs. Expect no climax. Thanks for your time to review, though.

EDIT: lol, I woke up at 5 AM when I replied to your review. It reflects the bad mood, he he. =P

C23 - Flow of Time C23 - Flow of Time

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ohhh I like this.

Read your description, and I agree. It reminded me of the lyrics from a song I listen pretty often to: "The past is a method, the future an expectation. Neither past nor future actually exists... There is simply, the eternal now."
The sheer absoluteness of time is pretty incomprehensible for humans, but we both work to grasp the basics... You with music, me with a novel.

Now onward to the review:

I am pleased with the instruments used. Your songs sound -as you wanted- a lot more classical, while with avi's drumpack (hurr) you still keep the D&B in the song.

I am also pleased with the obvious progress you've been making. The intro was outright fantastic. It was quiet, yet intriguing. Then the bells started to come up, and everything exploded at once. The drums kicked in, and a few hits were tossed over the speakers.

This energetic part is something I like a lot. The drums actually do fit in perfectly this time, since you've found a good balance in volume.... well done.

A small negative point though; the hits are feeling kinda out of place, especially the one at 0:33. I like the hit5 you use more, but I understand if you don't want to KEEP using it. What I'm suggesting is that to find other hits.

I liked the bass too. It's a warm, buzzing one, which also blends perfectly. Well done.

Then, the quiet part at 1:00. Great stuff man. Seriously wondering what you used as main instrument there.
Anyway, it truly gives off a great feeling, as if you're walking through a gigantic hall, where all time stands still, where the great gods live... and you're allowed to venture through that place... great stuff, truly.

Then, a big 'fuck you' for your laptop. Tell it not to bitch about rendering another minute, since I am missing a good ending. It's truly a shame, since I removed .75 points from your score from it. I know it's something you can't do anything about, but I also can't be throwing '5's all over my reviews for songs I don't find perfect (or close to), with the concerning artist's standard. Speaking of which, yours has been raised again.

Great fucking job, I hope you'll be able to finish this (IMO -again- it's unfinished). This goes straight into my faves, and you'll get my precious download as soon as I find this song finished.

Keep it up!

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Chrausner responds:

Thanks for the review (and perhaps the longest you've ever written).

Ofc I'd use Avi's drum pack (other packs that I used weren't as good) and it had to stay more D&B than something else.

I would have replaced the strange hit at 0:33 if I could; lagging, you know.

Yeap, fuck my laptop. I'll remake this into 3~4 minutes once I manage to get my hands on a pro laptop or super PC.

This is where it ends This is where it ends

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I truly love what the organ is playing, and the strings are indeed making the whole thing complete. I suggest finishing this.

FairSquare responds:

Thanks. Maybe i will, but.. yeah, i probably won't.

Horizon (RMX) Horizon (RMX)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hm-hm. Indeed 'happy' trance.

Anyway, great stuff. I haven't had the pleasure of listening the original, so I can't compare it, but this sounds truly good. From start to end, you didn't bore, but even kept my attention for the whole time.

The intro sounded like techno to me, but that changed with the orchestra-ish instruments popping up, and the drums that changed. That transition went smooth, also with the hypersaw (or what is it?) that kicked in at 0:44. From that point on, the song starts building up, and then gets into a 'pause' with the new, higher pattern playing its tune.

From then on, it's more a happy trance song (Dj Splash, but waay better).
Then suddenly, multiple melodies are playing through each other, but they blend perfectly. This is something to be proud of, and is something I always hope to see in an advanced artist, which I can (with great content) see with both you and C23 these days.

Also, goosebumps @ 3:02. Well done.

ForeverBound responds:

yeah goosebumps :D. and i like Dj Splash i only think it's badly masterd -_-
And thank u for calling me an advanced artist ( u just made my day) =)

I'm really happy u like this one :D

New Generation (OM) New Generation (OM)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I like this.

Even though I don't really like the intro (it's for dj-ing purposes, I know that, but it's (IMO) not how you begin a song), but that aside, the song is good.

The real intro (0:35) is smooth and steady. The orchestral instrument plays simple, long tones and prepares the listener for a build-up (practically a build-up for a build-up). The drums kick in, and the song continues. It's all good, and the effect used at (2:30) is very well used.

It's a bit of a shame that no further elaboration is present other than the orchestral instrument; the drums (by the way, they are very good. Pretty typical progressive trance, but slightly better than most of the artists); and the piano (if I hear that right).

The piano after (2:30) plays an evolved version of the orchestra, and doing it right, it really brings more flow into the song. I would have used it earlier, but it was inside the 'tolerant zone'.

After this, the song continues for a while, though what I had hoped for most didn't really happen: a climax. In this song that could have been achieved by making all the tones an octave higher, or I don't know.

Anyway, I liked the song, though I feel there are parts left out, and even though I mostly wrote criticism, I really liked it, so you have my fave + download. Congrats!

ForeverBound responds:

Thanx man i appreciate your criticism

~Forever Bound

C23~Rainbow 19 C23~Rainbow 19

Rated 4 / 5 stars

And two hours before deadline (and quite one), here's the review:

Of course, the intro was amazing, even though the melody didn't come from you, the instruments & effects used were more than adequate. Every instrument came to its right, and you threw in different loops, which is something I liked very much.

I (goddammit, again) agree with Cliffracer (and I really want to play Chrono Trigger again now), this is perfect music for that game. I would more have chosen it for either a time-travel cutscene, or in the cave near the battle with magnus (where Frog used his badass sword to cut open a rock, or something).

Anyway, almost everything sounds very well-looked after, though I get the feeling that the middle part is kind of rushed. You're building up very nicely the first minute, then you come into a calm part, after which I expected some kind of climax, though you have only used more instruments, or elaborated them (this is something I do too, that's why I noticed).

What I expect from you in the next half of the year, is that you will make songs which are either a free, or 'voortkabbelend' song, with no climax necessary (like Ra - Transcendent), or have a good climax (I don't expect something amazing like Vicious delicious yet, don't worry :P).

Anyway, the instruments used are, with no doubt, excellent, and the middle isn't bad at all, plus the ending is good, with just the 'small bells' playing a soothing, beautiful pattern, I liked that.

So yeah, I give this (Strictly spoken) a 4, and will heighten my standards again for you. Well done, and build dat climax!

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Chrausner responds:

Thanks for the review (and well on time, too). I know it's rushed. =(